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Welcome to RHOK. We are the Australian suppliers, designers and manufacturers of High End carbon fibre helmets, jeans, gloves and the new Molten Rhok Wheel illuminating system….. and this is just the beginning ! At Rhok, we are all passionate about our motorcycles and our riding…. We all ride and love everything to do with it. It became apparent a few years back that high end safety equipment was priced out of the reach of so many of us and we couldn’t understand why. Since then it has been our mission to bring the safest equipment possible to riders just like us but at the lowest possible pricing. We don’t do mid-range equipment, we don’t compromise on quality, ethics or safety and we don’t charge the exorbitant prices you are used to paying for high end equipment because we design it all ourselves and sell it direct. Being the designers we can make changes… our doors are always open to the suggestions and ideas of our customers. Please feel free to let us know what you think. Cheers, Marinko and Ian
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