Put a between you and hard place


Quality Products

We’ve been supplying protective motorcycle jeans for over 10 years now and are well known and regarded for producing motorcycle clothing that is long lasting, value for money and reliable.

For Riders by Riders

We are not some faceless corporation made up of executives and lawyers we are riders just like you. We ride almost every day and understand what riders need and we care about the motorcycling community.

Saving You & Your Pocket

RHOK is not the biggest or the flashiest company (in fact we are tiny) we keep our advertising and marketing costs down to basically zero so that we can pass the savings to you, the rider.

We believe that the best marketing is the praise you and your fellow riders give the RHOK name and products rather than some type of in your face greasy, lubricated sales pitch from the manufacturer.

As a small company, we’ve made the decision to put our products in the hands of our independent agents. The reason for this is two fold.

First and most important, the only thing we sell are RHOK products. We’re not trying to push you into hundreds of items sitting in a typical motorcycle shop. Our customers come to us because they know exactly what they want and we’re here to provide it. This allows for a more personal touch and a great customer service experience.

Second, our customers get to buy directly from us, skipping the middle man and the additional cost that comes along with it. Everyone saves money – everyone wins.

At RHOK we take the greatest pride in being a brand that you can trust, in fact we have many customers still wearing their GEN1 jeans from when we started 10 years ago with no signs of the denim wearing out or the stitching coming loose. You can read about this from respected all things motorcycle Australian journalist Boris (the type of guy your mother warned you about) by clicking on the links below (and while you are there I highly recommend buying his books for some great motorcycle stories).


Our factory is a member of The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

The BSCI is based on the labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other important international regulations like the UN Charter for Human Rights, as well as on national regulations. This initiative aims at continuously improving the social performance of suppliers, ultimately enhancing working conditions in factories worldwide.

RHOK is an ethical brand, our enterprise does not engage in any form of

  • forced servitude
  • trafficked or non-voluntary labour
  • child labour