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The armour is a bonus

Hey all. Just thought I would put up a review of how I have found the Kevlar jeans motolegion was selling a few months back.

I use these jeans every day pretty much (I have 2pairs) for mainly commuting, but also for longer distance trips of 1.5 or more hours. Sometimes with or without the armour depending on where I am going.

All I can say is that they have been outstanding in any situation i have encountered.

The cut is very comfortable both on and off of the bike, they are the goods as far as looks go. (dragginz may appeal to some people more), but most importantly, they feel safe! Meaning that based upon the features and feel of the jeans, I believe they will protect me if I have an off whilst riding the bike.

The armour is a bonus in my opinion. I usually use the jeans with it in, and only take it out if I intend to change into something else once I reach my location. (to save space)

These were an absoloute bargain when I got them, but I dont know if Moto is still selling them. I think he may be operating only from his new website these days, and they are not on it.

I would give these 5 out of 5 as a product. simply because I cant think of anything i would want to change.

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I still can’t remember what happened in my accident but the jeans held up very well

Sorry about this motolegion, should’ve put up my review ages ago. So I received a pair of motolegion’s kevlar jeans on the 13/04/2010 I think… my first impression of the jeans were “Damn they look good!”. When putting them on they felt and fit fantastically similar to regular jeans and the thickness is good for riding in moderately cold weather.

Most notable to me was the triple stitching and I liked the idea of the boot velcro straps to stop them flapping in the wind.

The quality of mine was very good, no loose stitching or fading so I rate it.

So that was my initial impresson on motolegion’s kevlar jeans, before I could post this up I had my accident in motolegion’s kevlar jeans! Ha! So I still can’t remember what happened in my accident but the jeans held up very well. I wasn’t using the knee pad protectors at the time but I only received bruising to my knee.

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RHOK Saved Me from Injury

After 4+ years of use and one massive high side later ?. When I high-sided I landed neck and shoulders first, at the time I was wearing my RHOK Gen3 jeans and my RHOK Carbon Fiber Helmet – both saved me from injury.

Blake from Cooyar, Queensland, Australia